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Parts processing, procurement

From a design design of various parts processing to procurement, quality control, leave it to me all

I solve a trouble about various parts processing in the Koshin business and industry around Tokyo, Kanagawa around three Tama.
Which "I do not know where I should ask for this processing" contributes to "is there not the supplier who can cope by a short deadline, reduction in cost?" and having a problem.
Of industrial equipment, an FA device, the facilities machine
Article, die parts including a chikogu, repair product, a group, processing, procurement management, quality control
As for all this, leave it to me! Even from one piece of article, I produce it!

Our three characteristics

When suppliers extend over the plural number, need to take the cooperation by each process occurs, and lead time hangs. On the other hand, I can realize reduction in a man-hour, lead time than Koshin business and industry exchange you with plural processors because we exchange lumps with a processor.
In cases such as the product defectiveness of the emergency, the risk of the product guarantee occurs without having only each part which I undertook guarantee it when I break up a multi-process to various suppliers and place an order outside. On the other hand, we exchange Koshin business and industry with the parts processor with the results as procurement representation and, in the case of the product defectiveness of the emergency, can cope quickly.
In the Koshin business and industry, I accepted an order of various parts processing led by government offices, the public institution for many years. I make use of these know-how and there is not request and copes with the parts production that is not appreciated flexibly!

List of available processing

mashiningu processing
Is vertical, and is horizontal, 5 axis processing
I cut various mashiningu
Keyway processing
Lathe, fraise processing
General-purpose lathe, NC lathe, compound lathe
Screw processing, roll, shaft
Various turning processing such as pin, flange
Exact sheet metal processing
Precision sheet metal, brakes, sheet
Plate, sheet metal laser material processing
Welding, can manufacturing sheet metal processing
Tig welding /Mig welding /Mag welding
Iron, stainless steel
Various welding such as aluminum
Bracket, frame, lever,
I cope until a flange, the painting finish
Wire, electric discharge method
Wire electric discharge method, pore electric discharge method
I cope with a form carving electric discharge, various electric discharge method
Resin, rubber processing
I cut resin
I cut rubber urethane
General-purpose plastic, empura
Thermosetting resin
Abrasion, quenching processing
Plane abrasion, cylinder abrasion
Profiling abrasion
I ground a lot of
As for the products having a long process such as quenching
I deliver it with a finished product
(the goods alignment)
Brazing, pad re-abrasion

List of available materials


SS400/S25C/S45C/SPCC/NAK55/ and others



Special steel


Stainless steel

SUS303/SUS304/SUS316/SUS430/ and others

Nonferrous metal

・Aluminum: A2017/A2024/A5052/A7075/ and others
・Copper: C1100/C2700/C3603/C5191/C6191/ and others
・Titanium: TB270/TB340/TAB6400/ and others


・General-purpose plastic: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)/ urethane/rigid polyethylene (PE)/polypropylene (PP)/ABS/acrylic (PMMA)/PET
・Engineering plastic: Polyamide (MC nylon)/polyacetal (POM)/polycarbonate (PC)/very high molecular weight polyethylene (U-PE)
・Super engineering plastic: Fluorine resin (PTFE)/PEEK
・Thermosetting plastic: Phenolic resin (Bakelite)/epoxyglass/melamine/urea resin/others


The NBR/ silicon/neoprene/fluorine rubber/natural rubber/butyl rubber /EPDM/ urethane/bulldog cholane/others



The guarantee of quality system of the relief

1. Inspection results book
・Examination for appearance
・Special inspection of the trial product/height of the rise product
・Inspection before acceptance/shipment such as overseas import goods
・Examination with precision parts using a magnifying glass, a microscope
・Modified work such as rust/Bali adhesion
・Incidental work such as inspection and the packing that I combined with it
2. The abundant measurement, inspection equipment
3. The trouble correspondence is fastest, and it is carried out
4. Domestic quality
5. Quality for university, research organizations
There are the results that delivered the majority to laboratory of seamanship or JAXA so far in us, and there is absolute confidence in quality. At first please consult about the person who is anxious about quality once.

Artefact production example (you can see an example in a click with an image)

Three-dimensional measuring machine
Image measuring instrument
Image measuring instrument
Height gauge
Measuring instrument
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