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Factory construction, maintenance

Three Tama, 23 wards, North Kanagawa entrusts you, and please feel free to contact us.

A lot of major maker-like small and medium size manufacturing industry-like construction results
Electricity, switchboard construction, high place work, *netsukoji, compressor maintenance, motor exchange, roof repair, outer wall repair,
Ceiling repair, wall surface repair, the plumbing repair, facilities fixation, prevention of fall, seismic strengthening, concrete construction, shutter repair,
Window exchange... Please consult with nadoo mind light car

Our three characteristics

①A lot of construction results for government offices
Quality, safety measures for public works projects are provided for low price by a factory, an office
②The most suitable suggestion of the customer glance
Let alone safe quality, I cope with a price reduction, the rush work that avoided waste
③Annoyance solution
I contribute to heat measures, energy saving, the improvement of existing facilities, the spot improvement, the productivity improvement including the layout change
I cope with the embarrassing construction that sudden repair and other suppliers avoid

Available factory construction, reform example

Roof waterproofing, leak shuri*netsu
The plumbing repair, construction
It is repapered ceiling repair
Inner outer wall repair insulation, soundproofing construction
Building, office partition construction
Electric shutter construction
tosho, the painting construction
Electric construction
LED setting construction

The facilities, apparatus example which is available for setting, repair, maintenance

Ceiling whist crane
Setting, maintenance including the electric hand operation. The special specifications are possible, too
Motor, slowdown machine
The exchange, insulation state confirmation, coil exchange, varnish processing
Dirt of the air conditioner, cancellation of the blocking, various setting construction
Pump Bloy
Of the pump urgently stop; sprocket chain exchange
Check, bearing exchange of the chain tension
Hydraulic machinery
Oil pressure unit production, installation, various plumbing work
Heat exchanger
Check, repair of the flow quantity, the resolution washing, packing exchange
Thermal insulation jacket
Insulation, thermal insulation of the plumbing
Dust collector
Food setting, the plumbing setting, explosion-proof electric construction
Palette rack
I design the number of the length, the side, the height, the steps and maintain it
Machine tool
Foundation work, import, assembling, trial run, removal of the old machine
Parts feeder
Washing and stretching of the coating, height of welding meat correction
Various measuring equipment
Transportation, import, assembling, transference, adjustment for exclusive use of the precision instrument
Cooling tower
High pressure, sterilization washing, confirmation and repair of wiring, the plumbing
Air conditioner
It is kept a compressor in good condition filter cleaning, energy saving
I wash sludge suction, the inside with a vacuum truck
Switchboard, panel
Construction of the first, the second wiring, wiring, connection maintenance
Filter cleaning, overhaul

Construction sample (you can see a construction example in a click with an image)

The outdoors

The factory

Office, laboratory


Flows from an inquiry to delivery


Q. How long does it cost the construction expense?
The construction expense makes an estimate in individual treatment. As I perform an approximate estimate according to construction contents and the budget for customer hope quickly, I would appreciate your referring.
Q.Which area is it available to?
As we are in Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, I cope around a metropolitan area including Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki and Saitama, but at first the distant place, please feel free to contact the customer of the distant place as there are the correspondence results in Gifu.
Q.Can you estimate it in the distant place?
A.Of course it is possible.
They construct Tokyo, three Tama districts in central toshiata metropolitan area and undertake construction, but, in the west, Lake Kawaguchi, the east have results in Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki in the distant place. In addition, at first I would appreciate the inquiry of the estimate to feel free to contact us as there are the results in Gifu.
Q.Is the estimate free?
A.I heard the estimate in free of charge.
Not only I cope according to content that had you ask it from a customer, but also, based on the longtime construction, construction results, am doing an estimate and correspondence of the improvement suggestion in the form along the request of the customer. I look forward to all the staff, the inquiry from a customer.
Q.Does it cost the disposal facility which appeared by construction?
It may cost separately. In addition, it supports a required manifesto in company where ISO is acquired.


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Koshin shoko Co., Ltd
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