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Company profile

... which meets the expectation of people making ... future
The technique to surround us accomplishes evolution without cease and advances to the new domain called the nanotechnology.
However, it is "passion" of an engineer and the scientist who continue challenging the unknown world daringly that the scenery of the innovation has even what time of times.
The technique does not change that I evolve by one step by the passion of the person to become what kind of high technology society either.
I built the relationship of mutual trust of a person and the person who we supported the activity of the visitor in the world that continued challenging a technique as a general trading firm with a suggestion power, development capability, and supported "passion" for the manufacturing.
Social, the Koshin business and industry contribute to aerospace, medical care, energy, natural science, electronics with a sense of duty to answer expectation of industrial engineer all of earth concerned with the future from now on.

Company profile

Company name
Koshin business and industry
The location
〒181-0002 2-13-9, Mure, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
Phone number
FAX number
Representative director Toshio Takahashi
Establishment time
November 14, 1972
10,000 1,000 yen
The number of employees
Seven people
Duties contents
Sale of the industrial instrument, various construction, maintenance, metal, resining, device production
Mizuho Bank Kichijoji Branch Tama Shinkin Bank Shimorenjaku, Mitaka Branch
Position group
Musashino corporation society Mitaka business and industry society industry sectional meeting West Tokyo machine tool commerce cooperative

Company history

For the purpose of the production sale of the machine tool and the sale of an electric tool, precisely machines concerned, I establish Koshin business and industry.
I am authorized than Department of Transportation Ship Research Inst. by a nomination supplier. The development of the gas welder nozzle gauge for the hull structure study is asked for promptly and is completed.
I am authorized than University of Tokyo astronomical observatory by a nomination supplier. I deliver various tools, machine tools for the study.
I enter into an agency contract with Kongo company. I sell the moving shelf, safe.
The tenth anniversary of the foundation memory ceremony is held.
I hold an office new construction completion ceremony.
I introduce duties management original software in the company. I push forward the efficiency of duties.
I introduce the system for exclusive use of the machine tool dealer into duties management in the company. Taking this occasion, I push forward introduction of IT in the company.
It becomes the sale sole agent of cutting tool maker, the OSG CORPORATION product.
It becomes the sale sole agent of cutting tool maker, the Kyocera Corporation product.
The latest terminal introduction. I strengthen more duties efficiency and regime.
The 40th anniversary of the foundation memory ceremony is held.
Koshin shoko Co., Ltd
2-13-9, Mure, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
TEL. 0422-46-6434
FAX. 0422-46-6313
General trading company handling industrial instrument
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