We are to join a company, a person, a technique together
I meet the expectation of people making the future.
Metal, resining, various construction, maintenance,I realize "unification of the procurement" including the production of the simple device.
I am unified until management, quality confirmation on substitution, the delivery date of a meeting, arrangement, the drawing by an estimate.
I cope by one stop in all. In addition, please talk about the realization of the price reduction, the procurement only for one part with Koshin business and industry casually.
Processing, production
Construction, maintenance
Device production
Production and Sale
As the technical trading company which knew everything about a shop floor and a maker technology,I become the high precision of the processing technique of the visitor and greatly contribute to productivity improvement.
I actually collect the true needs of the visitor until conviction is provided in a utilized scene.
Information is collected at the same time by many makers. I keep the position as the technical trading company alive and become the high precision of the processing technique of the visitor and contribute to productivity improvement.
Machine tool connection
FA conduction apparatus
Study apparatus, office equipment
What's New
■Please inform me of the inquiry about the product than a telephone or an inquiry form.
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